How to Make Moving Home a lot less Stressful

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How to make moving home a Lot Less Stressful!

When you are looking at moving home, it can cause you a great deal of stress, its right up there as one of the most stressful events in your life!, but thankfully there are plenty of things you can do to make this easier, planning your move well can hugely reduce the headaches it causes:

Changing the Address with your different Service providers, here’s a list in no particular order of the companies you might want to contact:

Home Services

1.Electric supplier

2.Water supplier

3.Gas supplier

4.Phone Supplier

5.Post office

6.Cable/satellite,Internet service providers

7.TV licensing.

Financial Services

1.Banks/Building Societies

2.Council tax department

3.Credit cards companies

5.Inland revenue


7.Social security Pension companies

8.Social security

9.Your employer(if you have one)

10.Insurance companies

11.Premium bonds & National savings .

Health Service Providers




Motoring Related Services

1.Breakdown recovery company – The AA, RAC, Green Flag

2.DVLA – Car Registration & License Address Change

3.Insurance companies.

Other People/Services/Organisations

1. Friends & relatives


3.Milk Delivery


5.Sports Clubs


A Few weeks before you are due to move:

Get at least 3 quotes from Professional Removals companies so you can make a fully informed decision on which one you will choose to carry out your removal for you.  Try and make a comprehensive list of all your possessions so you can check them at the other end and make sure nothing is left behind/missing, and lastly when you do decide on a removal service make sure you get a letter of confirmation.

The Moving Company will need to know the following things:

1.How far you are moving and the destination address

2.How muc stuff you are taking with you (especially pertaining to furniture and large objects)

3.If there are stairs to climb – for instance, you are moving from a house to a flat

4.If you can arrange for parking as close as possible to your new address for the removal van

Packing your belongings:

Most people when moving home, especially those who do it themselves are so elated about finally completing the move to their new home that they aren’t particularly bothered that their dining table might have a scratch on it or a few plates might have a chip, but with careful planning this doesn’t even need to be an issue.

Get Yourself Some Packing Supplies!:

  1. Cardboard Boxes
  2. Bubble Wrap
  3. Sellotape
  4. A Marker pen!

Boxes make things a lot neater and easier to transport, utilising the least amount of space possible, the bubble wrap is a must for those fragile items you need to protect such as glass or crystal ware, sellotape is obviously useful for sealing the boxes to stop things dropping out, and of course the marker pen for marking up your boxes relating to which room they have come out of/are going into, whether the box contains fragile items and so on.

Try and keep your boxes to 40 lbs or less to allow them to be carried easier, putting your heavier items in smaller boxes and vice-versa can also help.

Try and break down heavy items of furniture into smaller parts, for instance, a dining table – remove the legs if at all possible, and ensure you keep any nuts and bolts you remove separate – money bags from the bank are useful for this task.

Drain your refrigerator, washer and so on.

Its moving day!:

  1. Make sure your van driver has a contact number for you in case of any problems
  2. Take final readings of all your meters – Gas, Electric, Water
  3. Have a final walk through the house when everything is packed up as a last check to make sure nothing has been forgotten
  4. Make sure all windows and doors are locked prior to departing the property.
  5. Drop of your keys at the estate agents or with the new owner depending on what’s been pre-arranged

Congratulations, You Did it!

"Tips for Moving Home"

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