Packing Services Northampton


Packing your home can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. Ensuring all your effects are safely packed, dismantled and delivered is a tough job, but at Northampton Relocations we are here to lift some of that stress.

Whether its dismantling or reassembling your furniture, or just help in packing some of your effects, our skilled team is here to help. We use only the best packaging materials, and all of our staff are highly trained. Whatever you need help with, we can tailor a package to your needs. Read on below for a selection of what we can offer.

Owner Packed

If you would like to go with this option, we expect your effects to be packed securely, each box to have the room it is from written clearly on the top, furniture dismantled and appliances disconnected when our team arrive to collect your belongings.

Full Packing Service

Here at Northampton Relocations, we make house moves easy. Our expert team is here to care for you every step of the way. Trained in professional packing, our team will usually arrive at your house the day before your move and get the bulk of your effects out the way.When packing your products, we highly recommend using our professional packing boxes. You can purchase these along with any other relevant materials from Northampton Relocation’s box shop. Find put more today.

Fragile items

Your fragile items will be packed with utmost care, furniture dismantled, and boxes labeled so your effects can be easily located. Leaving you with any items you need to stay in your house comfortably overnight.

We will then come the next day to pack up your last bits, so you can arrive in your new home having enjoyed an easy move.

Fragile Packing Service

If you have fragile assets such as china, glassware, pictures and mirrors, choose this option and our expert team will arrive at your home. We use only the highest quality packing materials, so you can rest assured your items will arrive safely to your new home. We will arrive the day before you move and pack your products into there own boxes, with each one listing the contents and room that they came from.

We can even leave any products you may need for your over night stay and come and pack them in the morning.

Packing Materials and Boxes

Northampton Relocations provides the best packing materials.Head to over our Box Shop to purchase.


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